Kiane man, my darling💋

When you got my hand😍
When you stared into my eyes❣️, and become  emotional,🌱 I promised🎀 myself that I would always stand by this beautiful love💌🧿🔒

I always proud of you in my heart💜
You make me happy💚
I want to try to be a better person with you every day.💫

You are my soulmate🤍

Hameh chi midoni😅
Midoni ke cheghadr baram mohemi va doset daram azize delam🥰
Omidvaram vaghti in text ro mibini, delet por az eahgh ❤️va oon khandeh ziibat ro lab hat beshineh…🤠

Man asheghe khandeh hatam🎶
Asheghe cheshmatam😍

⚠️Movazebeh kiane man bash

Doset daram😘
Love you so too very much😅📢
Yadet nareh😂😁